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Good options course!

SJ Options Trading provides options trading education through online courses and personal options mentoring. SJ Options is known for being the first public options course to offer portfolio margin education.

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SJ Options Trading is an options education and options analytical software development company headquartered in San Jose, CA.  Founded in 2006 by Morris Puma, San Jose Options became the very first public options course that taught courses for portfolio margin traders and Second Order Greeks. They are known as the innovators in the options trading industry with numerous patents pending for their inventions.

San Jose Options is an intermediate to advanced course.  They do provide basic options education; however, they recommend that you come in with a solid understanding of basic options.

San Jose Options has introduced many breakthrough strategies to options traders.  One is the Revolver Adjustment System.  This trading system was developed to make spread adjustments simple while minimizing draw-down with each adjustment.  Another is the BRIC™ option trading strategy.  The BRIC™ acts as both negative and positive Vega at the same time.  The trade was developed to better manage volatility changes on an underlying asset.  For these two reasons and many others, San Jose Options is a course that is suitable for risk-averse option traders.

Other notable highlights:

  • SJ Options invented a new Vega Model in 2009 that addresses many of the limitations in the Black Scholes formula.  This is well-known in the industry as the Vega Multiplier System™ and Horizontal Skew Modeling.
  • Developed the SJ Troo™ trading platform which has reinvented option trading in all of its phases.
  • Created a patent-pending back-testing module that is possibly the world’s fastest.
  • Invented a revolutionary option chain in 2012.
  • Designed the first options probability model based on real behavioral patterns instead of using the traditional bell curve.
  • They never stop innovating.
  • The course is always up to date. They add new videos to their options course every week and follow along with trades which makes it easier for students to learn how to manage options positions.

A sample class on the BRIC™:



    I’ve been with SJOptions since the beginning of 2011 and can only say there is nothing else out there that even comes close to understanding how options work, trading methodology and approach. Morris and his team offer a very alternative approach to trading, safer and more realistic than anything I’ve come across on the market. SJOptions ongoing learning experience through live classes, reviewable video selections and very personal support makes this the only trading course out there that gives you what you need to trade comfortably on your own. If your serious about trading properly, then I highly recommend SJOptions.

    R, Bal

    I’d personally like to thank Morris and his team at San Jose Options Mentoring for putting together an invaluable, even game-changing course!

    Your course methodologies, and analytical platform, SJ Troo™, put you in a league of your own! I know that all of us at San Jose Options have a superior advantage in the trading game and put ourselves at the top 1%! SJ Troo™ has personally helped me make $1000’s of dollars and save me $1000’s of dollars on trades simply by knowing when to adjust and enter trades at the optimal time.

    To the San Jose Options Team, you may never know the role you played in other traders’ survival in the market. I am eternally indebted for you always providing answers to questions rather I asked them or not. Thank you for sharing parts of yourselves through email, webinars and on the Round Table. I will continue to recommend your course to anyone who is interested in becoming a risk-averse trader.


    I’ve been trading stocks for 15 years and options for the last 5 years. I’ve taken all kinds of live and online courses in my time. But it’s safe to say that SJ Options is way above anything I’ve seen before. The videos, the instructions, the analysis software and the support is in a league of its own. I can not recommend it enough.

    Shachar Hadar

    I have been an investor in the stock market for the last 15 years. I recently decided to take my investments to the next level and learn how to trade options. After checking out many courses and reading many videos of different “Gurus” , I decided to go with SJ Options. The main reason was their integrity, honesty and their level of professionalism. After being with them for 3 months, I can just say that I’m even more impressed by them. If you are a serious a options trader, who wants to play it safe, or if you want to gain an in depth knowledge, or if you are a full time professional who wants to trade options part time, -they are the best by far.

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